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Officers and Council Members

All terms begin and end with the close of the annual summer Executive Council meeting or (in the event no Executive Council meeting is held in the summer) on August 1st in the years listed. See also the list of ACH Office and Council alumni, who have all our gratitude.

Executive Officers

President (2020-2022)

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

  • Michigan State University
  • URL: kfitz.info
  • Email: kfitz at msu dot edu

Past President

Matthew K. Gold (2018-2020)

  • The Graduate Center, CUNY
  • URL: mkgold.net
  • Email: mgold at gc.cuny dot edu

Roopika Risam headshot

co-Vice President / President Elect

Roopika Risam

  • Salem State University
  • URL: roopikarisam.com
  • Email: rrisam at salemstate dot edu

Quinn Dombrowski headshot

co-Vice President / President Elect

Quinn Dombrowski

  • Stanford University
  • Email: qad at stanford dot edu

Vika Zafrin headshot

Executive Secretary

Vika Zafrin

  • Digital Scholarship Librarian
  • Boston University
  • Email: vzafrin at bu dot edu


Tanya Clement

  • iSchool, University of Texas
  • URL: tanyaclement.org
  • Email: tclement at ischool dot utexas dot edu

Patricia Hswe headshot

Communications Officer

Patricia Hswe

  • Program Officer for Scholarly Communications
  • The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
  • URL: patriciahswe.net
  • Email: ph at mellon dot org

Council Representatives 2020–2024

Caitlin Pollock headshot

Caitlin Pollock

  • Digital Scholarship Specialist, University of Michigan Library
  • Email: pollockc at umich dot edu

Brandon Walsh headshot

Brandon Walsh

  • Head of Student Programs, Scholars’ Lab (University of Virginia Library)
  • URL: walshbr.com
  • Email: walsh at virginia dot edu

Jewon Woo headshot

Jewon Woo

  • Lorain County Community College
  • Email: jwoowinter at gmail dot com

Council Representatives 2019–2023

Anna Kijas headshot. Photo credit Gerry Szymanski.

Anna E. Kijas

  • Head, Lilly Music Library and Music Librarian
  • Tufts University
  • URL: annakijas.com
  • Email: anna.kijas at tufts dot edu

Zoe LeBlanc headshot

Zoe LeBlanc

  • Scholars’ Lab (University of Virginia Library) and Department of History, Vanderbilt University
  • URL: zoeleblanc.com
  • email: zgleblanc at gmail dot com

Rebecca Sutton Koeser headshot

Rebecca Sutton Koeser

  • Lead Developer, Center for Digital Humanities at Princeton
  • Princeton University
  • URL: https://rlskoeser.github.io/
  • Email: rkoeser at princeton dot edu

Council Representatives 2018–2022

Paige Morgan headshot

Paige Morgan

  • Digital Publishing and Copyright Librarian, Head of Digital Scholarship and Publishing
  • University of Delaware
  • URL: blog.paigemorgan.net
  • Email: paigecm at udel dot edu

Lauren Tilton headshot

Lauren Tilton

  • Department of Rhetoric & Communication Studies
  • University of Richmond
  • URL: laurentilton.com
  • Email: ltilton at richmond dot edu

Council Representatives 2017–2021

Purdom Lindblad headshot

Purdom Lindblad

  • Assistant Director of Innovation and Learning
  • Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
  • URL: purdom.org
  • Email: purdom at umd dot edu

NAME headshot

Thomas Padilla


Ex Officio Representatives

Digital Humanities Quarterly Editor

Julia Flanders

  • Digital Scholarship Group
  • Northeastern University
  • Email: j.flanders at northeastern dot edu

Lisa Rhody headshot

MLA Liaison

Lisa Rhody

  • The Graduate Center, CUNY
  • Email: lmrhody at gmail dot com

Lauren Tilton headshot

AHA Liaison

Lauren Tilton

  • Department of Rhetoric & Communication Studies
  • University of Richmond
  • URL: laurentilton.com
  • Email: ltilton at richmond dot edu


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