About ACH

Standing Committees

The following list is current for 2021-2022.

Affiliation and Liaisons Committee

The ACH Affiliation and Liaisons Committee advances the interests of the ACH and its membership through communication and partnerships with communities engaged in DH and professional organizations. The committee establishes and maintains affiliations as well as identifies and communicates opportunities for collaboration.




Awards Committee

The ACH Awards Committee is an ACH Executive Committee charged with reviewing award/prize submissions. At this time the Bursary Awards[a] are our primary charge. The Bursary Awards are dispersed every other year to coincide with the ACH Conference. Micro-grants are typically awarded on years when the ACH Conference is not being held.


Communications and Outreach Committee

The ACH Communications and Outreach Committee supports communication among the ACH executive council, membership, and potential partners, and initiatives improving communication such as feedback gathering and use, publicity, and identifying existing and potential audiences to reach.


Conference Coordinating Committee

The ACH Conference Coordinating Committee, established in 2019, supports the biennial ACH conference, calling for and selecting host bids; facilitating conference protocols, code of conduct, etc.; and coordinating the three biennial conference committees (Local, Program, and Steering).


Infrastructure Committee

The ACH Infrastructure Committee was established in 2018 in response to ADHO infrastructure changes (including the deprecating of the old Confluence wiki) and organizational changes (such as the opportunity for ACH to take charge of its own membership records). The committee’s initial scope included concerns about security, privacy, and modes of communication; the need for oversight and understanding of our technological footprint; and the onboarding and offboarding of users of various platforms.


Membership Committee

The ACH Membership Committee is a working group charged with strategic membership growth and ongoing membership operations. Its activities include:


Mentoring Committee

The Mentoring Committee works to make ACH a welcoming organization for junior and early-career scholars and to provide those same scholars with resources to advance their careers.

Its activities include creating and maintaining online resources; organizing events and activities at the annual Digital Humanities conference; hosting the Jobs Slam at the Annual General Meeting; and other related initiatives that promote the professional development of students and early career scholars.


Nominations Committee

The ACH Nominations Committee purpose is:


Publications Committee

The ACH Publications Committee advances the interest of the ACH, its membership, and the larger digital humanities community by supporting a variety of digital humanities publications that align with the organization’s goals and the needs of our community. The committee develops and maintains relationships with partnering publications, assesses opportunities for new publication venues and partnerships, and oversees the maintenance, improvement, and retirement of existing ACH publications.


Records and History Committee

The Records and History Committee was established in 2019. It ensures the persistence, completeness, and order of ACH organizational memory. Records include but are not limited to meeting agendas and minutes, committee and individual work documentation, financial and organizational papers, workflows, reports, Conflict of Interest forms, Executive Council onboarding documents, volunteer records, documents pertaining to the ACH conference, and the organization’s audio-visual record. Records may be housed in a variety of locations — this wiki, the secretary@ach.org Google Drive account, held by the Treasurer, etc. The Records and History Committee holds a complete record of Association documents and their primary locations, and ensures their owner-level transition among individuals as members and officers rotate off the Executive Council.