About ACH Officers and Council Members


The ACH would like to thank everyone who has served in an official position or has volunteered for committees or other activities.

Special Thanks

ACH was fortunate to have Chuck Bush as Treasurer for 21 years. In Memoriam


1979-1980 Joe Raben

1981-1985 Mary Dee Harris

1985-1995 Nancy Ide

1996-1997 Michael Neuman

1998-2001 Allen Renear

2002-2003 John Unsworth

2004-2007 Lorna Hughes

2008-2011 Julia Flanders

2012-2014 Bethany Nowviskie

2014-2016 Stéfan Sinclair

2016-2018 Jennifer Guiliano

2018-2020 Matt Gold

2020-2022 Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Vice President

1979 Antonio Zampolli (?)

1980-1993 Paul Fortier

1994-1995 Michael Neuman

1996-2001 Willard McCarty

2002-2005 Julia Flanders

2006-2007 David Hoover

2008-2009 Melissa Terras

2010-2011 Bethany Nowviskie

2012-2014 Stéfan Sinclair

2014-2016 Dot Porter

2016-2018 Matthew Gold

2018-2020 Kathleen Fitzpatrick

2020-2022 Roopsika Risam and Quinn Dombrowski


1979-1984 Don Ross

1985-1996 Randall Jones

1997-1999 Elli Mylonas

2000 Mavis Cournane

2001-2003 Ray Seimens

2004-2007 Stéfan Sinclair

2008-2011 Dot Porter

2011-2022 Vika Zafrin


1985-1989 Joe Rudman

1990-2011 Chuck Bush

2011–2013 Jarom McDonald

Communications Officer

2014-2018: Alex Gil

2018-2021: Patricia Hswe

2022 Paige C. Morgan

Executive Council

1990-1993: Malcolm Brown, Marianne Gaunt, Michael Neuman

1991-1994: Joel Goldfield, Estelle Irizarry, Willard McCarty

1992-1995: Christian Delcourt, Mary Dee Harris, Anita Lowry

1993-1996: Eric Dahlin, Elli Mylonas, Mark Olsen

1994-1997: David Barnard, Chuck Henry, John Price-Wilkin

1995-1998: Allen Renear, David H. Chisolm, C.M. Sperberg-McQueen

1996-1999: Malcolm Brown, David Chestnutt, Leslie Zarker Morgan

1997-2000: Lynne Grundy (1997-8), David Gants (1999-2000), John Lavagnino, Mark Olsen

1998-2001: Charles Faulhaber, Julia Flanders, David Seaman (1999-2001)

1999-2002: Lorna Hughes, William Kretzschmar, John Unsworth

2000-2003: Matt Kirschenbaum, Wendell Piez, Geoffrey Rockwell

2001-2004: John Bradley, John Lavagnino, Martha Nell Smith

2002-2005: Neil Freistat, Katherine Hayles, Natasha Smith

2003-2006: Nancy Kushigian, Michael Frazer, Adrian Miles

2004-2007: Ray Seimens, Stéfan Sinclair, Steve Ramsay

2005-2008: Melissa Terras (2005-7), Matt Jockers (2008), David Hoover, Allen Renear

2006-2009: Susan Schreibman, Claire Warwick, Matt Zimmerman

2007-2010: Natasha Smith, Gary Shawver, John Walsh

2008-2011: Paul Caton, Stéfan Sinclair, Bethany Nowviskie (2008-9), Susan Schreibman (2010-11)

2009-2012: Matt Jockers, Matt Kirschenbaum, Kay Walter

2010-2012: Neil Fraistat

2010-2013: Tanya Clement, Geoff Rockwell

2011-2014: Susan Brown, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Lisa Spiro

2012-2015: Johanna Drucker, Matt Gold, Glen Worthy

2013-2017: Jennifer Guiliano, Brian Croxall, Mia Ridge

2014-2018: Miriam Posner, Lisa Rhody, Roopika Risam

2015-2018: Alex Gil

2015-2019: Quinn Dombrowski, Élika Ortega

2016-2020: Micki Kaufman, Amanda Visconti, Scott Weingart

2017-2021: Patricia Hswe, Purdom Lindblad, Thomas Padilla

2018-2022: Paige C. Morgan, Lauren Tilton

2019-2021: Angel David Nieves

2019-2023: Anna E. Kijas, Zoe LeBlanc, Rebecca Sutton Koeser

2020-2022: Brandon Walsh

2021-2022: Kim Gallon

One comment on “Alumni

  1. Nancy Ide says:

    I would like to remember the names of all the people who founded the ACH at the Modern Language Association conference in New York City in 1978. I was there but still a young grad student, so I merely was a “founding member”. My thesis director, John B. Smith, was certainly one of the founders, along with Joe Rabin of course. But there were several others who had conspired to form the ACH in the preceding year or two, and who were of JBS’s generation. If anyone can remember their names I would like to hear–I remember Ted Brunner, (UC Irvine) Jamie Lyons (UCSD), but the others don’t come readily to mind.

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