The Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) is a major professional society for the digital humanities. We support and disseminate research and cultivate a vibrant professional community through conferences, publications, and outreach activities. ACH is based in the US, but boasts an international membership (as of November 2015, representing 21 countries worldwide).

We welcome members of any academic affiliation or professional role who are interested in the digital humanities and who would like to help shape the values and priorities of our organization. Although we are a US-based organization, we welcome those who live in regions of the world that are not represented by existing professional organizations, recognizing that intellectual, cultural, institutional, and other forms of diversity make a vital contribution to scholarship and practice.

Through its publications, conferences, workshops, outreach, training opportunities, and other mentoring activities, ACH aims to offer assistance to members at all levels of experience. Its support of open-access publications and open-source tools are part of its mission to increase access to scholarly work in the digital humanities and in the academy more broadly.

Digital Humanities

ACH advocates for and supports all of our members in their digital humanities work. Digital humanities is a broad term encompassing a wide range of subject domains, methods, and communities of practice, including (but not limited to) computer-assisted research, pedagogy, and software; resource creation, curation, and engagement; physical computing; the use of digital technologies to write, publish, and review scholarship; and humanistic research into and about digital objects and culture. ACH recognizes that this work is inherently and inextricably sociopolitical, and thus advocates for social change through the use of computers and related technologies in the study of humanistic subjects.

ACH has created the ACH Guidelines for Assessment of Digital Scholarship in Tenure and Promotion, which aim to help candidates and committees assess (and prepare to assess) digital scholarship.

Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations

The ACH is the US-based member of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) consortium. As part of ADHO, ACH sponsors publications, events, and activities in support of the digital humanities.

How Do I Join?

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