About ACH


ACH Elections take place at the end of each calendar year. A five member Nominations Committee is appointed at the preceeding Executive Council meeting, comprised of the President or Vice-President (unless these are running for re-election), Treasurer ex officio (since the Treasurer handles the membership list), and four other members, who shall be current members of the ACH but need not be members of the Executive Council.

Each year, three new Executive Council members are elected, who each serve four years. If an Executive Council member has been obliged to step down, a new member is elected to complete their term. The Nominations Committee identifies potential candidates, makes sure they are eligible and contacts them to see if they are willing to serve. They compile a slate and submit it to the Executive Council by the beginning of November. The slate is sent out to the membership in November, with voting to be completed by the end of the year. New members are announced in January, when their term begins.

The President and Vice President are elected for two years, with an option to serve two more. Details about officers and terms can be found in the Constitution and Bylaws.

ACH members are encouraged to contact the Nominations Committee if they would like to be candidates for the ACH EC in future elections.

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