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Officers and Council Members

All terms begin and end with the close of the annual summer Executive Council meeting or (in the event no Executive Council meeting is held in the summer) on August 1st in the years listed. See also the list of ACH Office and Council alumni, who have all our gratitude.

Executive Officers

Stéfan Sinclair headshot


Stéfan Sinclair (2014-2016)

Dot Porter headshot

Vice President

Dot Porter (2014–2016)

  • Curator of Digital Research Services
  • University of Pennsylvania Libraries
  • URL: dotporterdigital.org
  • Email: dorp at upenn dot edu

Vika Zafrin headshot

Executive Secretary

Vika Zafrin

  • Institutional Repository Librarian
  • Boston University
  • Email: vzafrin at bu dot edu

Tanya Clement headshot


Tanya Clement

  • iSchool, University of Texas
  • URL: tanyaclement.org
  • Email: tclement at ischool dot utexas dot edu


Communications Officer

Alex Gil

  • Digital Scholarship Coordinator, Humanities and History
  • Columbia University
  • URL: elotroalex.com
  • Email: colibri dot alex at gmail dot com

Jeremy Boggs headshot


Jeremy Boggs

  • Digital Research & Scholarship/Scholars’ Lab, UVa Library
  • University of Virginia
  • URL: clioweb.org
  • Email: jeremy at clioweb dot org

Ex Officio Representatives

Julia Flanders headshot

Digital Humanities Quarterly Editor

Julia Flanders

  • Women Writers Project
  • Brown University
  • Email: Julia_flanders at brown dot edu

Willard McCarty headshot

Editor, Humanist

Willard McCarty

Lisa Rhody headshot

MLA liaison

Lisa Rhody

  • The Graduate Center, CUNY
  • Email: lmrhody at gmail dot com

Jennifer Guiliano headshot

AHA liaison

Jennifer Guiliano

  • Department of History
  • Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis
  • URL: http://www.jguiliano.com
  • Email: jenguiliano at gmail dot com

Council Representatives 2015–2019

Quinn Dombrowski headshot

Quinn Dombrowski

  • Digital Humanities Coordinator, Research IT, Office of the CIO, University of California, Berkeley
  • URL: quinndombrowski.com
  • Email: quinnd at berkeley dot edu

Alex Gil headshot

Alex Gil

  • Digital Scholarship Coordinator, Humanities and History
  • Columbia University Libraries
  • URL: elotroalex.com
  • Email: colibri dot alex at gmail dot com

Élika Ortega headshot

Élika Ortega

  • Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities, University of Kansas
  • URL: elikaortega.net
  • Email: elikaortega at ku dot edu

Council Representatives 2014–2018

Miriam Posner headshot

Miriam Posner

  • Digital Humanities
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • URL: miriamposner.com

Lisa Rhody headshot

Lisa Rhody

  • Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
  • George Mason University
  • URL: lisarhody.com
  • Email: Contact

Roopika Risam headshot

Roopika Risam

  • Assistant Professor of English, Salem State University
  • URL: roopikarisam.com
  • Email: rrisam at salemstate dot edu

Council Representatives 2013-2017

Brian Croxall headshot

Brian Croxall

  • Emory University
  • URL: briancroxall.net
  • Email: brian dot croxall at emory dot edu

Jennifer Guiliano headshot

Jennifer Guiliano

  • Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
  • University of Maryland
  • URL: jenguiliano.wordpress.com
  • Email: guiliano at umd dot edu

Mia Ridge headshot

Mia Ridge

  • Researcher, Digital Humanities, Open University
  • URL: miaridge.com
  • Email: mia dot ridge at open dot ac dot uk

Council Representatives 2012-2016

Johanna Drucker headshot

Johanna Drucker

  • Bernard and Martin Breslauer Professor of Bibliography
  • Information Studies Department, University of California, Los Angeles
  • URL: gseis.ucla.edu/people/drucker
  • Email: drucker at gseis dot ucla dot edu

Matthew Gold headshot

Matthew K. Gold

  • The Graduate Center, CUNY
  • URL: mkgold.net
  • Email: mattgold at gmail dot com

Glen Worthey headshot

Glen Worthey

  • Head, Humanities Digital Information Service
  • Stanford University Library
  • Email: gworthey at stanford dot edu

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