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Officers and Council Members

All terms begin and end with the close of the annual, summer Digital Humanities conference in the years listed.

Executive Officers



Stéfan Sinclair (2014-2016)


Vice President

Dot Porter (2014–2016)

  • Curator of Digital Research Services
  • University of Pennsylvania Libraries
  • URL: dotporterdigital.org
  • Email: dorp at upenn dot edu

Past President

Bethany Nowviskie (2014-2015)

  • Digital Research & Scholarship/Scholars’ Lab, UVA Library
  • University of Virginia
  • URL: nowviskie.org
  • Email: bethany at virginia dot edu

Executive Secretary

Vika Zafrin

  • Repository Librarian
  • Boston University
  • Email: vzafrin at bu dot edu


Tanya Clement

  • iSchool, University of Texas
  • URL: tanyaclement.org
  • Email: tclement at ischool dot utexas dot edu

Communications Officer

Jeremy Boggs

  • Digital Research & Scholarship/Scholars’ Lab, UVa Library
  • University of Virginia
  • URL: clioweb.org
  • Email: jeremy at clioweb dot org

Ex Officio Representatives


Digital Humanities Quarterly Editor

Julia Flanders

  • Women Writers Project
  • Brown University
  • Email: Julia_flanders at brown dot edu

Editor, Humanist

Willard McCarty

Lisa Rhody

MLA liaison

Lisa Rhody

  • Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
  • Email: lmrhody at gmail dot com

AHA liaison

Jennifer Guiliano

  • Department of History
  • Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis
  • URL: http://www.jguiliano.com
  • Email: jenguiliano at gmail dot com

Council Representatives 2014–2018

Miriam Posner

  • Digital Humanities
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • URL: miriamposner.com

Lisa Rhody

  • Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
  • George Mason University
  • URL: lisarhody.com
  • Email: Contact

Roopika Risam

  • Assistant Professor of English, Salem State University
  • URL: roopikarisam.com
  • Email: rrisam at salemstate dot edu

Council Representatives 2013-2017


Brian Croxall

  • Emory University
  • URL: briancroxall.net
  • Email: brian dot croxall at emory dot edu

Jennifer Guiliano

  • Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
  • University of Maryland
  • URL: enguiliano.wordpress.com
  • Email: guiliano at umd dot edu

Mia Ridge

  • Researcher, Digital Humanities, Open University
  • URL: miaridge.com
  • Email: mia dot ridge at open dot ac dot uk

Council Representatives 2012-2016


Johanna Drucker

  • Bernard and Martin Breslauer Professor of Bibliography
  • Information Studies Department, University of California, Los Angeles
  • URL: gseis.ucla.edu/people/drucker
  • Email: drucker at gseis dot ucla dot edu

Matthew K. Gold

  • New York City College of Technology & CUNY Graduate Center
  • URL: mkgold.net
  • Email: mattgold at gmail dot com

Glen Worthey

  • Head, Humanities Digital Information Service
  • Stanford University Library
  • Email: gworthey at stanford dot edu

Council Representatives 2011-2015


Susan Brown

  • English and Theatre Studies; Director, Orlando Project; Project leader, Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory
  • University of Guelph; University of Alberta
  • URL: www.ualberta.ca/orlando · www.cwrc.ca
  • Email: sbrown at uoguelph dot ca

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

  • Director of Scholarly Communication, Modern Language Association
  • Dept. of Media Studies, Pomona College
  • URL: machines.pomona.edu
  • Email: kathleen dot fitzpatrick at pomona dot edu

Lisa Spiro

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