Grants and Awards


Through its parent organization, ADHO, ACH sponsors several major awards at the annual Digital Humanities conference, on behalf of all the digital humanities organizations. The Busa Prize, named in honor of Father Roberto Busa is awarded for lifetime/career achievement and the Zampolli Prize, in honor of Antonio Zampolli, recognizes a singular project or accomplishment. The Paul Fortier prize will be awarded to the best young scholar paper of the conference.


ADHO Bursaries (which your ACH membership fees support) are available to enable the attendance of students and younger scholars at the annual DH conference. Bursary applications are on the ADHO website.

See a list of past ACH Bursary award recipients.


ACH periodically offers small grants in support of DH meetings, small project development, and other DH-related activities. Occasional requests are evaluated according to established guidelines. Standing programs, such as Incubator Grants are announced on Humanist and in the ACH newsletter (sent to all ACH members via email).

For 2017-2018, occasional funding and grants are no longer being accepted. Resumption of occasional funding will be made via our twitter account.