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Founded in 1978, ACH provides a welcoming intellectual community and support for professional activities across the range of DH disciplines, practices, and cultures. As a member organization of ADHO (the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations), ACH connects the international DH community through conferences, discussion, and publications. Your ACH membership helps to fund student bursaries, open-access journal publication, mentoring services, development microgrants, and other important DH initiatives such as the ACH Guidelines for Assessment of Digital Scholarship in Tenure and Promotion

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ACH Membership + Print subscription to Digital Scholarship in the Humanities
Membership + Print DSH (£93 / $176)
Membership + Print DSH – Senior Citizen rate (£47 / $90)
Membership + Print DSH – Student Rate (£47 / $90)

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Joint membership in all constituents of the Alliance for Digital Humanities Organizations – Membership only – (£25 / $40)

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Membership in ACH is for the calendar year. Our membership rolls are managed by DSH at Oxford University Press.

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Benefits of Membership

Membership in ACH is open to anyone with an interest in digital humanities. Benefits include:

Getting Help with Your Membership

A FAQ is maintained by ADHO for all its member organizations. If you have any questions about ACH membership, please contact our membership officers.

Some Membership Numbers

ACH is a small but committed and vibrant professional association. As of November 2015, we have 463 members (among nearly 800 individual members of the various ADHO constituent organizations).

ACH members hail from 21 countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan, Ireland, Spain, Finland, Mexico, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Belgium, New Zealand, the Russian Federation, Portugal, Luxembourg, and China. In 2012, North American members represented 75% of the whole, with 17% of ACH members hailing from European countries and 8% from the Asian/Pacific region.

We welcome new members from all over the world, and encourage you to contact with any questions, or to let us know how ACH and ADHO can better serve you.