[Closed] Participate in the direction of DH: apply for our open ACH Officer role!

This call is now closed, but we’re leaving the post up for archival purposes.

The ACH seeks someone to participate in ACH’s leadership and the broader work of the ACH Executive Council, while serving as a key contributor to keeping the ACH running as ACH Deputy Secretary/Secretary.

You are very likely eligible! Our key needs are willingness to contribute effort, and enthusiasm for involvement with DH and the ACH—whether or not you’ve been involved in the past, or are keen to get started. We benefit from the perspective of folks new to DH or academia, just as much as folks who can bring past DH experience to the role. We hope for a set of applicants diverse as to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, ability, profession (including students, folks in non-academic jobs), citizenship, nationality, and other identities and backgrounds. You’re encouraged to apply yourself, or to nominate folks you’d like to see involved in shaping the ACH.

The role. This role is a good fit for someone who enjoys organizing information, writing documentation, looking for and initiating new ways to make communities and infrastructures become better, or is comfortable acting on opportunities for improving social justice and care through administrative, infrastructural, and community design work.

Benefits. In addition to recognition as an appointed officer of the U.S.-based DH scholarly/professional organization, you’ll participate in leadership work guiding a large, international membership of digital humanists and influencing the field; get to regularly collaborate with a diverse array of fantastic DH colleagues; and gain further experience with DH and administrative leadership skills. If you’re interested in running for the ACH Council elected roles in the future, this could be a good way to get to know the org.

You will receive free registration for our annual conference, but this is a volunteer role, without pay. We know that limits who can take it on, and strive to keep this work scoped and flexible in consequence.

The work:
* You’ll need to either be a current ACH member, or willing to join if appointed
* During 9 months/year, attend most of our monthly Zooms (1.5hrs/month)
* A couple hours of work each of those months (some of which can happen during our monthly meetings, which scope discussions to prioritize coworking time)

You’ll work with the Secretary to divide a short list of the functions your roles must cover for the ACH to work (e.g. scheduling, note-taking, sharing info, answering member emails). Beyond those, you’ll be welcome to initiate or join other Exec projects matching your interests, skills, and availability.

This role has a 4-year term. The first two years, you’ll serve as Deputy Secretary in partnership with the current Secretary (Amanda Visconti); the second two years, you’d become the full Secretary and partner with a new Deputy Secretary.

Apply or learn more
To apply yourself or nominate someone else, please email the following to secretary@ach.org by January 15th, 2024:
1. Full name of applicant or nominee
2. Their email address
3. Is this a self-nomination, or are you nominating someone else?
We will be considering applications starting 1/15, and will be back in touch then regarding your application and to answer any questions you might have.

Applications/nominations will be accepted on a rolling basis until a good match of candidate and ACH needs is found. To ask questions, please contact ACH Secretary Amanda Wyatt Visconti (secretary@ach.org).

By Amanda Visconti

ACH Secretary

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