ACH Microgrants Winners 2013!

The Association for Computers and the Humanities is very pleased to announce the winners of our second Microgrants competition!

ACH Microgrants were established to reward enterprising ideas that serve the digital humanities community by building on existing ACH initiatives like, Digital Humanities Quarterly, and DH Answers. We especially value proposals from emerging scholars and DH practitioners that promise to expand the community, create new content or analyses of existing content, or build links with other DH initatives.

The 2013 ACH Microgrants winners are:

Adeline Koh (Director of the Center for Digital Humanities and Assistant Professor of Literature, Richard Stockton College) and Roopika Risam (Assistant Professor of World Literature and English Education, Salem State University): $500 for an initial prototype of “Digitizing Chinese Englishmen” and public report on the impact of this initial intervention in colonial archival silences.

Purdom Lindblad (College Librarian for Humanities and Digital Humanities, Virginia Tech), Andi Ogier (Data Science and Informatics Librarian in the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, Virginia Tech Libraries), and Quinn Warnick (Assistant Professor of digital rhetoric in the English Department, Virginia Tech): $500 for “dm4dh: Data Management for the Digital Humanities”, a series of podcasts and supplemental blog posts to explore data management for digital humanities.

Scott B. Weingart (Ph.D. student, School of Informatics, Indiana University): $500 for “Assessing Relevancy in DH”, a project to produce a series of blog posts exploring trends in the DH world via analysis of past DH conference offerings, the data for which will be made available in a shareable database.

By Susan Brown

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