Subcommittees and Appointments

The ACH has a number of subcommittees and other appointments. They are listed below along with their current chairs. All ACH committees and some other activities welcome member participation. It is not necessary to be a member of the Executive Council to serve on a committee.

ACH Standing Committees

DHSI bursary awards
The awards decisions are made by the DHSI organizational team, headed by Ray Siemens, in consultation with an ACH liaison.

Outreach & Advocacy committee (formerly Jobs Group)
Flexible numbers; there should be at least three EC members, plus additional non-member volunteers. The ACH Vice President serves as chair of this committee.

Nominations committee for 2012/2013 elections
Five members: President or Vice-President (unless these are running for re-election), Treasurer ex officio (since the Treasurer handles the membership list), and four other members, who shall be current members of the ACH but need not be members of the Executive Council

Membership Liaison:

DH sessions at MLA:

ADHO Standing Committees

Awards committee
ACH designates one member to this committee. Committee members hold staggered appointments; each member serves a 3 year term, one member rotates off every year; the main responsibility is in one's last year. Appointments begin following the DH conference and run until the conference in the following year. In 2008, the first appointments were made with staggered terms. Thereafter, new appointments will be for three years.

ACH appoints a new member to this committee every three years; our next appointment will be made in 2012.

Steering committee
Membership in this committee is based on the allocation of LLC subscriptions to the constituent organizations. ACH currently designates two voting members to this committee. The ACH treasurer and President serve ex officio.

Conference coordinating committee
The chair of this committee is designated by the ADHO Steering Committee. ACH designates one representative to this committee.

Program committees

In years when the conference is held in North America, ACH designates 3 members and also provides the ADHO Steering Committee with at least two nominations for PC chair. In years when the conference is held in Europe, ACH designates 3 members.

Program committee for DH2013
The 2013 conference is in North America; ACH designates up to three members plus two choices for chair.

Program committee for DH2012
The 2012 conference is in Europe; with the admission of SDH-SEMI to ADHO, ACH now designates up to three members to the committee.

Program commitee for DH2011
The 2011 conference is in North America; ACH designates up to three members plus choices for chair.

Publications committee
ACH designates one EC member, plus any publication editors from ACH

Multilingualism committee
ACH designates one member for a term of three years

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