CFP: ACH Microgrants 2016

The Executive Committee of the Association for Computers and the Humanities is delighted to announce its fifth round of Microgrants. ACH Microgrants were established to reward enterprising ideas that serve the digital humanities community. We especially value proposals from emerging scholars and DH practitioners that promise to expand the community, create new content or analyses…Continue reading.

Changing the Rules: TEI Customization at DHSI 2016

This year during the second week of DHSI, I took “Advanced TEI Concepts / TEI Customization” with Syd Bauman and James Cummings. I had previously taken another course, XSLT for Digital Humanities, with Syd and Martin Holmes, during my very first DHSI. For that first DHSI, I wanted to learn something that would be useful…Continue reading.

Call for Reviewers and Reviewer Nominations for DH 2017

ACH is delighted to release the 2017 call for reviewers and reviewer nominations to its members. In June, the ADHO Steering Committee unanimously approved the DH 2017/DH 2018 joint program committee proposal that we formally expand the pool of reviewers. As part of this proposal, each Constituent Organization has been invited to nominate members who…Continue reading.

DHSI 2016: a great community!

The week I spent in Victoria for the DHSI has been an amazing experience. The Digital Humanities is a field of studies which is developing really fast, and I was curious to get closer to these innovative approaches to literary studies. The summer school has been a breath of fresh air for many reasons: I…Continue reading.


I had signed up for both weeks at DHSI with the hope of gaining enough DH knowledge to last me the year. Quickly I realized that I might have over-committed myself. I should have known better and asked a DHSI veteran if it was a good idea to take Cloud Computing and Topic Modeling in…Continue reading.

DHSI Musings

I arrived at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute on a Sunday evening with the first session due to begin the next day. My luggage arrived five days later, but that is an Air Canada story involving heart break, tragedy, and the triumph of the human spirit. My Digital Humanities Summer Institute story is much more…Continue reading.

Long Live the Paper Book: A Motto of Digital Humanities

One of the first lessons I learned while attending DHSI 2016 was that the paper-format book, more than likely, will not die because of the proliferation of digital technologies and the culture surrounding it. Nor should books die. This seemingly counterintuitive statement comes from the course I took during DHSI 2016 called “Understanding the PreDigital…Continue reading.

Uncovering Signals at DHSI 2016

One of the first things that Maciej Eder explained in Stylometry with R: Computer-Assisted Analysis of Literary Texts is that stylometry is all about extracting signals from texts. As I progressed through the course during the second week of the 2016 Digital Humanities Summer Institute, I realized that Maciej had taken me from knowing nothing about…Continue reading.

Please Ask, Do Tell! at DH2016

If you’re attending the DH2016 conference in Krakow and you’re looking for professional advice, job opportunities or just want to say hi to some friendly people, keep an eye out for ‘ask’ and ‘tell’ stickers. You can also add ask or tell stickers to your conference badge to help start conversations – pick up your…Continue reading.

ACH AGM at Digital Humanities 2016

Association for Computers and the Humanities (ACH) is a major professional society for the digital humanities. You are invited to join us this year for our General Meeting at the DH2016 conference. This year the meeting will take place Thursday, July 14, during the conference lunch break, 1-2:30pm in Exhibition Room 1, Audimax, Jagiellonian University,…Continue reading.