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ACH Sessions at the 1998 MLA Convention

The Association for Computers and the Humanities is sponsoring two sessions at the 1998 convention of the Modern Language Association, in San Francisco from 27 through 30 December.

We also offer a guide to all computer-related sessions at the convention.

Although the 1998 convention is now in the past, this information will remain available, as a record of what went on. Similar information for many other years is available via the main page on ACH MLA sessions.

Computers and the Great Language/Literature, Research/Teaching Divides

Presiding: Leslie Z. Morgan, Loyola College, Maryland

  • “Bridging the Language/Literature Gap: Introducing Literature Electronically to the Undergraduate Language Student”, Mary Ann Lyman-Hager, San Diego State University
  • “The Computer as Catalyst: Where do Second Language Acquisition Research, Cultural Studies, and the Less-Commonly Taught Languages Fit In?”, Nina Garrett, Yale University
  • “Computer Applications and Research Agendas: Another Dimension in Professional Advancement”, Robert Fischer, Southwest Texas State University

The Content-Provider as Colleague: Creating Institutional Spaces for New Media Teaching and Research

Presiding: Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, University of Virginia

This panel will address the apparent contradiction between the casual enthusiasm for new media technologies increasingly evident among members of the profession, and the material resistance scholars working with those very same technologies often encounter when attempting to secure professional rewards, departmental support, and administrative commitments. The panel rests on the assumption that without sufficient institutional space (and time) for new media work, humanities computing will cede current footholds in literary and cultural studies to the commercial infotainment industry.

  • “The Problems of New Technology in the Old Academy”, David L. Gants, University of Georgia
  • “A New Hybridity: The University as Web Site Publisher”, Neil Fraistat and Diane Krejsa, Esq., University of Maryland, College Park
  • “ok computer: Professing Literature in the Para-Economy”, Joseph Tabbi, University of Illinois, Chicago

A talk originally scheduled for this session—”Intellectual Property/Community Property: The Cultural Contradictions of New Media Pedagogy”, by Randy Bass of Georgetown University—has been cancelled.

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