ACH Microgrants

ACH Microgrants: Web Development and Scholarly Communication
Proposals Due 25 February 2012
Awards: ~$200-500; $2000 total grant call

The Executive of the Association for Computers and the Humanities  is delighted to announce a call for Microgrants.  

Call for Nominations

The Association for Computers and the Humanities invites nominations for this year's elections. We are electing a president, vice-president, and three Executive Council members, and seek candidates for all these offices who want to advance the field of digital humanities by helping to run the ACH.

Roberto Busa dies aged 97

There are perhaps not many fields in the humanities that can trace their roots to certain individuals, collaborations, and innovative new approaches. But within the application of computing to humanities problems one name looms large.  Roberto Busa, one of the pioneers of humanities computing, died in Italy on Tuesday (November 13. 1913 – August 9, 2011).