Call for Participation: ACH @ MLA 2024 Panel on Digital Mapping

At their most basic, spatial technologies offer a way to bring in useful context when researching or teaching literature. But to what end? What does it mean to digitally map a text? How might the map–a fiction itself–intersect with the study of fictional worlds? How might we countermap, using digital methods to contest dominant narratives, structures, or politics? Is the digital map a tool? A metaphor? Both?

For our session at the 2024 MLA Convention (January 4-7 in Philadelphia, PA), ACH invites proposals related to the use of spatial technologies as they broadly pertain to research and teaching related to language, literature, and related fields. Proposals should be no more than 250 words. Please also include a short one-paragraph biographical statement and confirmation of your MLA membership status. Proposals can be emailed to Brandon Walsh at by March 1st. Since the ACH is an allied organization of the MLA, this session is guaranteed to be accepted for the 2024 MLA convention. All accepted panelists will need to be current MLA members—or have their membership waived by April 7 2023.

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