DH Q&A: What’s New?

The Digital Humanities Questions & Answers site, a scholarly forum that was active from 2010 to 2018 and was lost due to server problems, is now available as a static archive at dhanswers.ach.org, thanks to work by Infrastructure Committee members Rebecca Sutton Koeser, Amanda Visconti, and Zoe LeBlanc.  All original URLs under http://digitalhumanities.org/answers/ now resolve to equivalent content on the archive site; this means that existing links and citations to DH Q&A content will work again without modification.  Although the archive site does not accept new content, it continues to be a useful resource for historical answers to typical questions, especially for those new to DH (e.g. has anyone created a map or directory of DH?); perspectives from a variety of practitioners on advanced topics (e.g. which novels to assign for seminar in algorithmic criticism / distant reading?); and a snapshot of DH interests and concerns during the site’s active years.

If you’re interested in DH Q&A as a dataset, you can read about the preliminary dataset and view some initial data analysis about activity on DH Q&A. Please participate in the conversation by opening new issues on the ACH GitHub repository for the archive or commenting on the work on missing dates.  Anyone is welcome to use the dataset; we would love to hear about your project if you do!

For questions and answers about DH, the ACH Executive Council recommends asking on the DH Slack’s #dhanswers channel; anyone curious about DH can join the DH Slack by visiting tinyurl.com/DHSlack and signing up.

Interested in a new DH Q&A? We’re considering options for launching a new DH Q&A and would love to have your input.

By Tanya Clement

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