ACH2019 Program Committee

The Association for Computers and the Humanities, in conjunction with our partners at Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, and the University of Pittsburgh are delighted to announce the program committee for the ACH2019 conference:

Heather Froehlich, Digital Scholarship Fellow in Text Analysis and an Assistant Librarian at Penn State University.

Patrick Juola, Professor of Computer Science in the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts at Duquesne University.

Anna Kijas,  Senior Digital Scholarship Librarian at Boston College Libraries

Nabil Kushyap,  Digital Scholarship Librarian at Swarthmore College.

Thomas Padilla, Visiting Digital Research Services Librarian at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Roopika Risam, Assistant Professor of English, Coordinator of the Secondary Education English Undergraduate Program, Coordinator of the Digital Studies Graduate Certificate Program, and Chair of the Program Area for Content Educators at Salem State University.

Additionally, we’d like to recognize Roopika and Patrick who will serve as co-chairs for the Program Committee.

We thank them, in advance, for their service.

By Jen Guiliano

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