ACH Incubator Grants Winners 2015: Knowing Our Past

The Association for Computers and the Humanities is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Incubator Grants competition!

ACH Microgrants were established to reward enterprising ideas that serve the digital humanities community by building on existing ACH initiatives like, Digital Humanities Quarterly, and DH Answers. We especially value proposals from emerging scholars and DH practitioners that promise to expand the community, create new content or analyses of existing content, or build links with other DH initatives. Our call this year emphasized knowing our past, which was interpreted variously by our community. Thanks to everyone who applied.

The ACH Incubator Grant winners for 2015 are:

Anna Dorofeeva photo

Anna Dorofeeva, University of Cambridge
The Caroline Miniscule Mapping Project

$1000 towards developing a website to allow the Network for the Study of Caroline Minuscule to publish 30 summary articles, including bibliographies and links to online manuscripts, on the major scribal centres and regions that used the diverse and complex Caroline minuscule script in Europe c. 700–1000 AD.

Gallon-Incubatorgrantheadshot     Nunes-Incubator-Grants

Kim Gallon (Purdue University) and Zita Cristina Nunes (University of Maryland)
Storifying “Digital Diasporas”

$1000 towards creating a digital archive of the “Digital Diasporas: Digital Humanities and African American/African Diaspora Studies” conference held in 2008 at the University of Maryland, College Park, and an associated social media stream towards a second conference in 2018.


James O’Sullivan (Pennsylvania State University)
Electronic Literature Timeline

$1000 to develop an interactive timeline that charts, with contributions from some of the field’s leading scholars and practitioners, the emergence and evolution of electronic literature and associated seminal criticism, visualizing the key creative and critical milestones in the field’s development.

ACH Incubator Committee 2015
(Susan Brown, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Bethany Nowviskie, Roopika Risam)


By Susan Brown

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