ACH’s Newcomer Dinner at the 2015 Digital Humanities conference

Is this your first or second time at the Digital Humanities conference?

Are you new to the DH community? Join a small group of newbies and ACH (Association for Computers and the Humanities) old-timers at a local Parramatta restaurant, to make scholarly connections and new friendships. It’s not only for members of the ACH.

Dinners will happen the evening of Wednesday 1 July 2015 at 7.30pm, with parties departing from the reception of the Park Royal Hotel, Parramatta at 7.15pm.

Registration is already open and places are limited! Sign up here:

For ease of conversation, groups will be limited to six people and we will want you to identify yourself with ‘n’ for newbie (in your first or second year attending DH) or ‘v’ for DH conference veteran (no more than 2 veterans per party, please!). We will also need one veteran leader for each group, to make a reservation and walk the group over to the restaurant; long-term ACH members and other DH conference veterans are heartily encouraged to volunteer!

Please note: attendees pay for their own costs. The ACH provides the organization and good cheer.

By Mia R

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