Reflecting on DHSI

[Editor’s Note: the ACH awarded Andrea Kampen a student travel bursary to attend this summer’s Digital Humanities Summer Institute. The award came with an invitation to reflect on the experience in our blog.]

As a first time attender to the Digital Humanities Summer Institute I had no idea what to expect. I wanted to examine my burgeoning interest in the digital humanities and learn how to apply that to what I am learning in my Master in Library and Information Management studies program. DHSI was recommended to me as an experience which would allow me to do just that. I enrolled in the Augmented Reality class because I am interested in learning about how this digital technology affects our day to day experiences. I couldn’t think of a better topic through which to learn about a technology that is meant to add to reality without detracting from it. We had so many interesting discussions and I enjoyed learning so much from my peers through their understanding and implementation of Augmented Reality. Though the classes were the focus, attending the colloquiums, un-conference and Birds of a Feather sessions supplemented the experience. As a newcomer I felt welcomed and encouraged to join the multidisciplinary projects being explored in field. Thinking critically about the digital humanities is important for its survival and DHSI utilized The Birds of a Feather sessions to examine the future of the discipline. I am very interested in all the work that is going on in the Digital Humanities and am looking forward to incorporating what I’ve learned at the DHSI at my home institution.

By Andrea Kampen

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