Pedagogy Lightning Talks at the Annual General Meeting at DH2013

Do you have a quick story about a student project or training model to share? Want to tell us how you organized your syllabus, or make a pitch for a new way of thinking about DH education?

The ACH will be organizing a round of Pedagogy Lightning Talks during its annual general meeting at the DH2013 Conference in Lincoln at the Nebraska Student Union from noon-1:30pm on Wednesday, July 17th. We picture this as a fast-moving series of informal talks, and an opportunity for community members to talk about a single favorite teaching strategy or project—or a failed venture that you think is a useful learning experience!

One Slide, One Minute: talks will be one minute long (strict time limit), and we will allow one slide.

The slide can be simple, with your name, a short talk title or the name of your strategy, and contact information in case someone from the audience would like to continue the conversation with you later. Or you could include a screenshot that summarizes or shows the site or tool or strategy that you’ll talk about.

In the interest of time, we will not be pulling up live websites; if you’d like to talk about a web resource, please put a screenshot into a slide. Links to further resources from your slide are also welcome.

If you would like to present, please email your slide (in PowerPoint or Pages format) to secretary at ach-dot-org by July 12, 2013. We will combine all the slides into one document and post them online in advance of the AGM, as well as project them at the AGM itself.

Please join us for this exciting conversation-starting event!

By Vika Zafrin

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